Coast Guard Outlook

Coast Guard Outlook

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For more than 15 years, Coast Guard Outlook has described the state of the service for Coast Guard personnel, Department of Homeland Security leadership, and industry. The publication covers current Coast Guard programs, missions, capabilities, maritime and aerial assets, and the service’s role in safeguarding the nation’s economic and national security. More importantly, it covers the service’s challenges moving into the future.

Coast Guard Outlook provides your organization a unique opportunity to effectively communicate your solution to its targeted readership. Leaders throughout the service, the defense and maritime industries, and policymakers on Capitol Hill read and contribute to Coast Guard Outlook, shaping debate and decisions that affect the future of Coast Guard roles, missions, procurement, and acquisition.


The Coast Guard’s mission capabilities–saving lives, interdicting smugglers and illegal migrants, enforcing our nation’s laws and treaties, and protecting our ports and natural resources–derive from the readiness of our fleets of cutters, boats, aircraft, and the C4ISR systems that link them together.

U.S. Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate (CG-9)

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