For more than 15 years, Coast Guard Outlook has described the state of the service for Coast Guard personnel, Department of Homeland Security leadership, and industry. The publication covers current Coast Guard programs, missions, capabilities, maritime and aerial assets, and the service’s role in safeguarding the nation’s economic and national security. More importantly, it covers the service’s challenges moving into the future.

Coast Guard Outlook provides your organization a unique opportunity to effectively communicate your solution to its targeted readership. Leaders throughout the service, the defense and maritime industries, and policymakers on Capitol Hill read and contribute to Coast Guard Outlook, shaping debate and decisions that affect the future of Coast Guard roles, missions, procurement, and acquisition.

Where Coast Guard Challenges Meet Their Solutions

The mission of the United States Coast Guard is to ensure our Nation's maritime safety, security and stewardship.


Leadership Interviews
Commandant of the Coast Guard
Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
Coast Guard Updates
Aircraft, Cutters, and Boats of the U.S. Coast Guard 
Flag Leadership
Surface Assets
Fast Response Cutter (FRC), National Security Cutter (NSC), 
Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC), Polar Security Cutter (PSC)
Aviation Programs
Fixed wing, Rotary wing, and UAS
Search and Rescue
As weather conditions change, and inland and shipping lane traffic increases, it is imperative to utilize the most advanced reliable search and rescue technology and techniques.
Increasing Border Security
Border Security is at a premium with programs being implemented to ensure the safety and security of the United States.
Partnerships - Oil and Gas, Hazardous Cargo
The U.S. Coast Guard relies heavily on close interaction with oil exploration companies and the shipping engaged in the transport of hazardous materials. This engagement provides the means for ultimate security
Modernization Across All Districts ...
Modernization of facilities and lifecycle maintenance of the entire cutter fleet are vital during the transition of the medium endurance cutters to the OPC.
Navigational Aids
Safety and security on inland waterways, coastal and international shipping lanes is ensured by use of navigational aids, both traditional ones that need to be maintained, and new technologies being introduced to the ATON mission.
Personal / Human Interest Stories
41,700 active-duty military; 7,800 reserve military part-time employees; 8,300 civilian full-time employees; and 31,000 civilian auxiliary volunteers


Office of Commandant
Office of the Vice Commandant
Office of the Master Chief Petty Officer
USCG Headquarters Offices & Commands
Atlantic Area -- Districts 1, 5, 7, 8, 9
Pacific Area -- Districts 11, 13, 14, 17
Office of the Deputy Commandant Mission Support (DCMS)
Engineering and Logistics Offices (CG-4)
Office of Aeronautical Engineering
Office of Civil Engineering
Office of Naval Engineering
Office of Logistics
Office of Energy Management
Office of Environmental Management
Assistant Commandant for E4 & IT (CG-6)
Acquisition (CG-9)
Director of Operational Logistics (DOL)
Office of Personnel and Reserve Force Readiness (DOL-1)
Office of Base Operations (DOL-3)
Office of Contingency and Deployable Logistics (DOL-4)
Force Readiness Command (Forcecom)
US Coast Guard Academy
Mission Support Integration
Security and Policy Management
Office of the Deputy Commandant for Operations (DCO)
Response Policy (CG-5R)
Office of Law Enforcement
Office of Counterterrorism & Defense Operations
Office of Maritime Security
Offices of the Director of Incident Management & Preparedness
Office of Contingency Preparedness
Office of Search & Rescue
Office of Marine Environmental Response
National Response Center
Capability (CG-7)
Office of Aviation Forces
Office of Specialized Capabilities
Office of Boat Forces
Office of Shore Forces
Office of Cutter Forces
Office of G1 and Sensors
Office of Requirements & Analysis
Office of Cyberspace Forces
National Command Center (CG-DCO-NCC)
International Affairs and Foreign Policy Directorate (CGO-DC-I)
Human Resources (CG-1)
Offices of the Director of Law Enforcement, Maritime Security & Defense
Department of Homeland Security
Office of the Secretary
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Customs and Border Protection
Border and Transportation Security Directorate
Directorate for Management
Science and Technology Directorate
Executive leadership and operations personnel in the following industry segments:
Oil and gas exploration
Offshore marine services
U.S. ports and port authorities
Shipyards and maritime fabrication
Defense contractors in IT, engineering, C4ISR, aviation and 
maritime technology
International commercial shipping and leisure transportation
Inland waterway transportation
Salvage and environmental remediation
Department of Defense & Military Partners
Joint Chiefs of Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense
Allied Navies and Coast Guardslick this text to edit it.
Members of Congress and White House Staff
Sea Air Space
CMA Shipping
USCG plays a vital role in protecting maritime commerce across the U.S. through security missions. They help facilitate over $4.6 trillion in economic activity accounting for 23 million jobs.



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